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Nearly 49 million men women and children Struggle to put Food on the Table, with a total of 14.5% of the U.S. go’s hungry its time to make a difference.

My Name is Shane And I’m 23 years old I started this project with a dear friend back in 2009 as a idea, A dream to make a difference, the amount of children alone that can’t have possible enough food to eat 3 meals a day is enough for me to try and go out and do something about it. Many things have changed sense 2009 when our Rainehouse was just and idea to help feed America. Since then We Grew into a Church from there we opened up a Food Pantry and now were trying to make an impact in a greater area then just our own back yard But the American back yard and the things you don’t see. Hunger is Real in America. You can make a difference.
Help support the Rainehouse project here THERAINEHOUSE.CF

Welcome to the Christian Secure Ministries Church web site, we are a 501(c)3 Non Profit Non Denominational Church that runs a food bank pantry through Feeding America since 2010 & feeds the needy of Pasco County through the 211 Emergency Food assistance program and homeless assist program serving over 5 tons of Food to an average of 800 plus individuals monthly to include over 300-400 plus Families each Month.

Our mission is to feed Body Mind & Soul as a pilot project to form an alliance with Corporate America to assist in the solution of shortage of food to feed the needy & open many locations under Christian Secure Ministries DBA referral program to produce new sources of foods to help feed the 25% of America’s Population that faces hunger.

Our first location is in Pasco county, we plan to assist many other locations. An investor that has the same vision of feeding the needy has joined us in support of our cause to help us build a project called the Rainehouse Project.

The rainehouse project is an Automated Greenhouse & food processing plant to be built on a designated 40 acre parcel of land, that has been pledged by our investor, this greenhouse will produce 1 million eight hundred thousand produce plants of Fruit & Vegetables of over 120 different varieties of plants to distribute & produce enough food to feed three entire states, this includes new sources of meats, which are Rabbit, Chicken and various types of fish.

We have chosen Florida, California & Georgia as the first three states to feed due to the serious number of homeless & hungry population that averages 25% of those 3 states which are struggling with hunger, some type of hunger relief is needed.

All food will be in compliance with health code standards, to freeze & process the needed foods pledged to Feeding America & to build a co-op outlet for food stamp recipients to obtain foods at way below the normal costs of foods on a membership only program, .

We seek Grants to assist us to evolve from our one location to grow & be a part of the solution & not the problem to make the first Rainehouse Project Greenhouse & Food Processing plant & cold storage Facility available. To have other site locations to distribute food through our Dba of Christian Secure but also have soup kitchens as well to feed the homeless with one good warm meal a day.

Our goal is to feed the many hungry citizens across America, those numbers laid up into over 1/4th of America’s entire population are regularly in need of emergency foods..

It is our goal to provide you with useful information about our Company, & our plans to build the Rainehouse Project as the project evolves to produce the food to be distributed to feed America.

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Help support the Rainehouse project here THERAINEHOUSE.CF

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